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For chocolate lovers 2 boxes of premium chocolate

Sale price€48,95

The gift that everyone likes
It can be difficult to be creative and come up with a good gift. But don't worry about that! With this chocolate gift, there is a 99.9999% satisfaction guarantee for the lucky recipient. Because, who wouldn't light up with a big smile if they were treated to premium chocolate? Handmade in Copenhagen with only the best natural ingredients. 

In the boxes "Yes You can Buy Love" and "This is more than just Chocolate" you get:

Crispy Carrie: crunchy caramel, flake salt and premium milk chocolate.
Salty Fred: salted, roasted almonds with premium dark chocolate.
Mocca Molly: crunchy coffee beans with premium dark chocolate.
Pink Polly: raspberry and Persian licorice with premium white chocolate.
Persian Perry: Persian licorice with premium white chocolate.
Crunchy Coco: crunchy coconut with premium milk chocolate.