Fresh Freddie

Fresh Freddie. Fresher than the rest.

Warning: This cool concoction packs quite the peppermint punch. It’s crunch, it’s mint, it’s dark chocolate. It’s an eye opener with an OMG sound track.

Keep it fresh.

Below a layer of premium dark chocolate, mint, spelt and coconut makes the centre of Fresh Freddie. If mint chocolate is your thing, then Freddie is your new BFF.

40 g. of spelt, mint, coconut and dark chocolate 60%

Energy Fibre Fat / of which saturated fat Protein Carbohydrates / of which sugar Salt
2044 kj
488 kcal
9.5 g 28 g / 20 g 5.9 g 49 g / 34 g 0.05 g