Grainy Sue

Grainy Sue. Ohh my goodness

We put so much caramel love and crunchy peanuts into this one that we simply had to wrap it gold.

Think number 1

Homemade muesli based on organic oatmeal, spelt flakes, homemade caramel and peanuts, covered in premium dark chocolate. The high-quality chocolate cover in combo with a soft and chewy inner makes Grainy Sue our top selling bar.
 Once tasted - never forgotten.

40 g. of oats, spelt, peanuts, caramel and dark chocolate 60%

Energy Fibre Fat / of which saturated fat Protein Carbohydrates / of which sugar Salt
1969 kj
471 kcal
5.5 g 24 g / 11 g 10.4 g 50 g / 28 g 0.01 g