RE-ZIP – Circular packaging RE-ZIP – Circular packaging

15 kr

Simply a no thank you to single use packaging
Now you have the opportunity to have your chocolate delivered sustainably. We have partnered with RE-ZIP, which with its return system gives you the opportunity to return your packaging so that it can be used again and again. 

Here at the factory, we believe that chocolate tastes a little better when it is both produced and delivered responsibly and sustainably. That is why we would like to present you with a voucher which allows you to add 3 chocolate bars of your choice for free to your next order of min. DKK 200 All you have to do is buy additional RE-ZIP packaging and then return it to one of the many drop-offs, and you will automatically receive your voucher in the RE-ZIP app. 

Yes, I would like my chocolate delivered sustainably: 

1. Select RE-ZIP's circular packaging at checkout
2. Receive your package in the delicious sustainable packaging
3. Find your nearest drop-off point in the RE-ZIP app
4. Return your empty RE-ZIP in one of the many drop offs
5. Get your voucher on the app as a thank you for your contribution to a more sustainable e-commerce

Read more about the RE-ZIP concept: