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729 square meter solar system

At Simply®, we feel strongly obliged to take action and take lead in the fight against climate change. From the harvest of the cocoa beans to the wrapping of the finished chocolate bar, nature is our most important ally, so it is a big part of our green chocolate hearts to take care of it. We are aware of our responsibility, and we are eger to make a difference. We generally believe that responsible chocolate tastes better.

The sun is our best friend

Normally, the sun is one of chocolate's worst enemies – both sunlight and the heat from the rays can easily destroy chocolate in a second. But at Simply®, these two are actually best friends. As a part of our sustainable journey, we installed a solar sytem on the roof of the factory 3 years ago. This means that we are 100% self-sufficient in clean and renewable energy at the factory when the sun is shining. An initiative that has had a significant positive impact on the environment. At present, our solar system has contributed to a CO2 reduction of over 150 tons, while at the same time we have produced more than 6,500,000 chocolate bars using solar energy alone. This is more than just a number - it's an example of how we combine our love for chocolate and the love for our planet. So yes, we smile a little extra at the factory when the weather forecast promises blue skies in Copenhagen.

Sustainable packaging

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our choice of packaging materials. We have carefully selected materials that are either recyclable or biodegradable and generally less harmful to the environment. By using these materials, we strive to minimize the negative impact and reduce our climate footprint. Of course, we know very well that there is always room for improvement, and we are therefore determined to continue our journey towards even more sustainable packaging solutions. This includes continuously researching and implementing innovative technologies and materials that can contribute further to reducing our climate footprint.

Small changes, big differences

Our commitment to sustainability does not stop at the packaging of our products. We also continuously and actively work to optimize our production methods and supply chain to minimize energy consumption and reduce waste. We believe that it is through a holistic approach that encompasses all aspects of our business that we can create a lasting positive impact on the environment. By choosing Simply®, our customers support not only a passion for chocolate, but also our commitment to a sustainable future.

One step at the time

Chocolate with a clear conscience

At Simply®, we feel strongly committed to taking action and leading the way. We are not perfect, and we are not on track yet with our high ambitions – but we are on our way, and we will not lower the bar of ambition in order to reach the goal faster. Instead, we believe that every step and every action counts. We are aware of our responsibility, and our green chocolate hearts beat to make a difference. We generally believe that responsible chocolate just tastes better.

The RE-ZIP loop

Return and be rewarded

Choose RE-ZIP to save the planet from yet another single-use packaging, and receive a reward as a thank you. When you return the packaging, it will be reused again and again and again...

After receiving your order, simply fold the empty RE-ZIP and return it like this:

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    Find Drop Point

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    Scan RE-ZIP QR code at the Drop Point to receive your reward

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    Return the empty RE-ZIP for free at the Drop Point