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All Natural

The best natural ingrediens

It has never been up for negotiation. Since day 1, natural ingredients have been the main ingredient in our chocolate bar recipes. And it is precisely the love for the natural ingredients that has inspired us to the phrase "It's all natural." We believe that true quality can only be achieved by using the best natural ingredients, and we strive to make every bite of our chocolates the ultimate pleasure. With our approach to high quality and natural ingredients, we will continue to create taste experiences that bring joy and satisfaction to all the senses. Our name "Simply" reflects our desire to simplify the chocolate experience and highlight the simplicity and natural flavour behind each chocolate we create. We will deliver the best, where naturalness and quality are paramount - simple and delicious!

Award-winning taste experiences

Taste is everything. That is why we are so proud and happy that professional taste experts have awarded us several times. We love our tasty, handmade chocolate bars no matter what, but having your 'kids' praised by others warms our hearts.

Crispy Carrie, Grainy Billy, and Sixpack Sally have each earned prestigious medals at the Great Taste Awards, a recognized benchmark for premium food and beverages—often referred to as the Oscars of the culinary world.

Persian Perry and Grainy Sue have also secured places on the podium at the International Chocolate Awards, the world's sole fully independent competition acknowledging expertise in fine chocolate craftsmanship.

Quality and passion

We are deeply passionate about our chocolate, some would say nerdy, but it is important for us to make an effort in every single detail. We are proud of our use of natural ingredients – from cocoa beans to a final chocolate bar. We let nature guide us until we have a product that is full of authentic and natural flavours. Free from artificial flavours, sweeteners and colourings. Since we can't cultivate cocoa beans on the northern hemisphere, the journey from cocoa bean to the finished Simply bar relies on reliable partners who can provide us with the very best chocolate, the tastiest Persian licorice, the sweetest fresh dates, and the most flavorful peanuts. We consistently strive to thoroughly assess each supplier based on quality, CSR, child labor policies, documentation, innovation, price, delivery, and availability. This approach allows us to ensure that only the finest natural ingredients find their way into our chocolates.

Handmade by passionate chocolatiers

Some things never change. Here at our factory, we still handcraft our chocolates. We weigh each ingredient in small bowls - not too much, not too little. Why? Well, we believe that by having craftsmanship and eyes on the process, we can better strike the right balance between natural ingredients and premium chocolate, instead of just pushing a button on a machine. We are detail-oriented, maybe a bit nerdy. And, in fact, we believe our craftsmanship contributes to creating the simple and natural experience we strive for every day.

Taking responsibility comes naturally to us

Our ingredients are - of course - extremely important to us, but 'All Natural' also means being conscious of how we make chocolate and the responsibility that comes with it. Learn more about our responsibility and specific initiatives here.

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