Chocolate bites from Simply Chocolate

Bites from Simply Chocolate are delicious mini chocolates made from the very best premium chocolate, perfect to keep in your bag or to keep in your drawer when that little sugar craving hits. Simply Chocolate's mouth-watering chocolate bites naturally contain only the best, natural ingredients and come in a multitude of different flavours. We therefore dare to promise that in our wide range you can find a mini-chocolate that will satisfy your taste preferences. Go exploring in Simply Chocolate's official webshop and dive into our large selection of boxes of chocolate in bites. Here you will find, among other things, our Dark Marci, Grainy Sue and Persian Perry as well as all the other iconic chocolate bars from Simply Chocolate in a mini version, just as you can also always find new, exciting flavor combinations and limited editions. If you need a breath of fresh air, our Minty Moment with premium dark chocolate, an interior of white chocolate with a hint of mint, matcha and crunch is definitely something for you. Or if you can't get enough of the wonderful combination of coffee and chocolate, you will love our Mocca Molly. Find your favorite and buy a whole box of bites from Simply Chocolate, so you're sure not to run out, or go with one of our mixed boxes, where you have several different small chocolates to choose from. If you are hungry for more, you should explore our delicious selection of chocolate bars and our sharing friendly chocolate bars in premium chocolate.

Mini chocolates in bite-sized pieces

Chocolate in bites from Simply Chocolate are addictive flavor explosions in bite-sized pieces made exclusively from the very best ingredients and the finest premium chocolate. The mini chocolates from Simply Chocolate come in a large and wide selection, and we guarantee that among our many different bites you will find a variety that you cannot get enough of. In fact, dare to go one step further and promise that even the most critical chocolate lover will surrender completely to our delicate chocolate universe. Treat someone you care to the ultimate declaration of love - a box of chocolate bites from Simply Chocolate. Or give your guests a taste experience they won't soon forget by serving delicious little chocolates for your summer party, your wedding, your birthday or after a lovely dinner where a delicate and aesthetic treat is needed. At Simply Chocolate, our mission is to satisfy your chocolate cravings, which is why our boxes of chocolate bites are available in several different sizes and varieties. Discover Simply Chocolate's official webshop, where, in addition to our complete range of quality chocolate in bites, you can also see and shop all your favorite Simply Chocolate chocolate bars - both individually and in delicious bar-kits. If your chocolate craving is for more, you should explore our exciting selection of shareable chocolate bars, exclusive gift boxes with chocolate, exciting limited editions and flavorful protein bars with 100% natural ingredients.