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Chocolate Gift Boxes from Simply Chocolate

Chocolate boxes from Simply Chocolate contain only natural chocolate produced in Denmark. Look forward to great taste in every single bite. Each and every one of our chocolates is a declaration of love to the good ingredients beautifully packaged in fine boxes, perfect as a gift or a delicious edible flower for the hostess. When you choose a chocolate gift box from Simply Chocolate, you get a practical chocolate gift created with care for both people and the planet, which you can order here in the webshop and send directly by mail to your loved ones. Our chocolate boxes contain 12 or 24 pieces of chocolate made from the finest pure ingredients - of course completely without E-numbers. Recognize the iconic chocolate boxes from Simply Chocolate by their graphic statements, which with a twinkle in the eye are suitable for everything from festive birthdays, heartfelt declarations of love, formal receptions, luxurious corporate gifts to a small appreciative 'thank you for the invitation'. And the gift boxes always tempt with a little sneak peek at the exquisite chocolates in bite-sized pieces.

Chocolate boxes are the perfect gift

Here you will find everything in chocolate gift boxes for Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, birthdays, and all other special occasions of the year. The boxes are filled with the most delicious premium white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate, and they are perfect as a loving thought. Right here in the webshop, you can even order a chocolate box for someone you care about and write a completely personal loving message, which we will print on a postcard and include in your order free of charge. Prepare for exciting as well as classic flavor nuances in the chocolates that will send you around the world. The chocolate in the gift boxes contains ingredients and consistencies such as crispy coffee beans, coconut, and crunchy caramel. Sometimes there is a focus on one flavor enhancer in harmony with the finest chocolate, other times it is the combination of several well-chosen flavor notes with chocolate in the lead role that makes the angels sing. Let yourself be tempted by our complete chocolate range here in our official webshop, where you will also find all the popular chocolate bars, small chocolates in bite-sized pieces, the entire range of chocolate packs in bar kits, and the exclusive Simply Chocolate limited editions.

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