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Chokoladebarer med premium chokolade

Chocolate bars with premium chocolate

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Chocolate bars from Simply Chocolate

Chocolate bars from Simply Chocolate are created with the finest premium chocolate, and we promise you that in our wide selection you can find a chocolate bar that suits your taste preferences. Insanely delicious taste is the hallmark of all our chocolates, which are created exclusively with natural, quality raw materials. With us you will therefore find no artificial additives and e-numbers. Discover our complete selection of exclusive chocolate bars here on Simply Chocolate's official webshop, where you will find both chocolate bars with seasonal flavor combinations and our iconic classics. For example, try the legendary Persian Perry from Simply Chocolate, consisting of the finest white chocolate and the crispest Persian licorice. A combination that will leave your taste buds hungry for more. If you are into more classic tastes, will the chocolate bar Salty Fred with premium dark chocolate and roasted, salted almonds, or the marzipan bread above them all, our Dark Marci, definitely be something for you. Go all in with a 12-pack, where you get a total of 12 chocolate bars at a favorable price. That way, you are always sure to have your favorite chocolate bar in stock when the sweet craving strikes. Or try one of our sharing bars, which are made for sharing - unless of course you keep all the glory for yourself. We don't judge. All the chocolate products from Simply Chocolate are mouth-wateringly delicious.

Treat yourself to a premium chocolate bar

When you choose a chocolate bar from Simply Chocolate, you are also making an active choice not to settle. With the very finest premium chocolate and carefully selected ingredients - which are of course 100% natural - your taste buds will appreciate every bite. For us at Simply Chocolate, only the best is good enough. Chocolate is much more than just chocolate. It is self-indulgence, consideration, well-being. It's a statement. The chocolate bars from Simply Chocolate are therefore made with real love and, like all our other exclusive chocolate products, are the result of the many hours our Danish chocolatiers have spent honing down even the smallest sweet details. The cocoa beans are carefully selected, the flavor combinations are refined and optimized, and the finished products are beautifully wrapped in well-thought-out foil packaging. Indulge your senses with our Crispy Carrie, which consists of flaky salt, crunchy homemade caramel pieces and premium milk chocolate, or go with our Grainy Sue, if you would rather enjoy caramel, peanuts, spelt, organic oats and premium dark chocolate in a wonderful combination. Our webshop contains Simply Chocolate's complete range, and gives you the opportunity to mix all your favorite Simply Chocolate chocolate bars and shareable chocolate bars, just as you can dive into our mixed boxes of mini chocolates in bites. You can also shop our exclusives Christmas calendars with chocolate and delicious gift boxes with chocolate as well as our selection of 100% natural protein bars from Simply Chocolate.

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