Pre-order before 30 September and get a limited edition shopping bag



Pre-order before 30 September and get a limited edition shopping bag



Now you can pre-order the year's most delicious chocolate Christmas calendar and get our new limited edition shopping bag as a gift (value SEK 149).

With the functional material in jute and the aesthetic design in the spirit of nature, you get a beautiful everyday bag, which with its 35x40 cm provides a spaciousness that makes the bag practical and perfect for transporting your goodies.

Explore the 2023 Christmas calendar assortment on this page and pre-order your favourite, and you will receive the gift automatically.

Valid for a limited time only and while stocks last.

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It's beginning to look a lot like christmas

Choose from our 6 popular Christmas calendars, all of which store a minimum of 30 chocolates. Yes, we don't think 24 is enough... In fact, you can get a calendar with as many as 60 chocolates. It's aptly called Sharing, but you can share with yourself✨ And for those of you who go all in on Christmas. Try our Mega Size calendar with a whopping 1.3 kilos of natural chocolate. Oh yes, go big or go home!


Delicious flavor combinations

This year, the selection of premium chocolate Christmas calendars from Simply Chocolate is bigger than ever before. No matter which calendar you count down to Christmas with, you can look forward to it pure natural chocolate enjoyment.

All our chocolates are free of e-numbers, preservatives and other additives. Instead, we have filled them with nature's most delicious ingredients and unique flavor combinations.

Look forward to everything from crunchy caramel, flag salt and premium milk chocolate for a mix of raspberries and Persian licorice united in premium white chocolate.

Maybe you're more into dark? Then you can look forward to tasting crunchy coffee beans or salted almonds with dark premium chocolate.

Simply bites of heaven - enjoy!

A Christmas calendar with a clear conscience


When you buy our Christmas Calendar, you are helping to give back to the local communities that surrounds our cocoa farmers in the Ivory Coast.

Christmas is the time of love and our hearts burns not only for natural and sustainable chocolate, but also for the colleagues who contribute every single day to ensuring that we get the absolute best cocoa at the factory. That is why we are a part of the NGO Cocoa Horizons.

Our Chocolate Christmas Calendars are typically slightly more expensive than those you find on the shelf in your local store. In return, it is filled with responsible chocolate. And it is also produced with energy from our very own solar panels on the roof.

Read more about our responsibility here


Chocolate Christmas calendars from Simply Chocolate are a must for the sweet Christmas season. Here you get a sweet kick of first-class chocolate for every day throughout December. This year's classic 2023 Christmas calendar with chocolate from Simply Chocolate has 30 doors and comes in two colors that will decorate your home. One chocolate Christmas calendar is in an aesthetic shade of mother-of-pearl and the other version comes this year in a beautiful mint green color. If you can't settle for 30 boxes of small chocolates, while December creeps by, we have fortunately provided extraordinary versions of the chocolate Christmas calendar as you know it. Do you go with our chocolate Christmas calendar with 60 pcs. small chocolates, you can ensure a peaceful Christmas if you now already know that you absolutely must parts. It can also act as total self-indulgence for the person who has everything and is never satisfied. Our Simply Chocolate MegaSize chocolate Christmas calendar contains almost 1.5 kilos of mixed Danish luxury chocolate, which makes this ultimate chocolate Christmas calendar an obvious choice for the family or as a festive feature for the company. The very special sight of the nearly 1.5 meter Christmas calendar is guaranteed to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth. The MegaSize chocolate Christmas calendar contains both original sizes of our chocolate bars, crispy dragées and even a nice 12 piece. box of chocolates. Whether you go with a Christmas calendar with chocolate in 30, 60 lids or megasize, one thing is both certain and certain; when you first put out your Simply Chocolate chocolate Christmas calendar, it may well be Christmas.

Simply Chocolate julekalender med chokolade

You can safely expect the entire palette of taste experiences from your chocolate Christmas calendar, which contains exciting flavors based on fairly produced white chocolate, light chocolate or dark chocolate. As the days of December progress, you will meet our well-known and award-winning palette of flavours, and in between, special special guests appear in the form of limited edition chocolates with a hint of orange or date, which immediately bring to mind Christmas. Some chocolates in your Christmas calendar have a soft interior with tempting combinations of delicious chewy ingredients such as coconut, spelled or marzipan. Other chocolates are massive with crunchy almonds, nuts or caramel - and sometimes you'll encounter a hint of salt, mint or licorice as you count down to Christmas. Common to all the chocolates behind the doors are the completely natural ingredients of the finest quality. With the year's tastiest chocolate Christmas calendar 2023, you have the perfect hostess gift in place. In fact, our selection contains the obvious Christmas calendar for both women, men and everyone in between who appreciates the best of the best. We guarantee you that it will arouse excitement when the full-grown Christmas calendars packed with quality chocolate arrive on the table. Shop the entire selection of Simply Chocolate Christmas calendars right here in our official webshop, and if you are hungry for more, the shop also serves our complete selection of chocolate bars, small chocolates in bites, natural protein bars and gift boxes with chocolate on a silver platter.