More than just chocolate

Our chocolate bars are full of personality because they are handmade with love by passionate hands. Although we are a genuine Copenhagen company, our responsibility extends far beyond Denmark's borders. All the way to Africa and the Ivory Coast, where the cocoa for our chocolate is grown. Because we want to ensure that our cocoa farmers can live a good life growing cocoa for us, and that's why we are a part of the Cocoa Horizons Foundation. This means our chocolate bars cost a bit more than others – but we believe you can taste the difference!

All natural, naturally!
For us, 'All Natural' means using only the best of the best and not using powder and additives. We are very picky when it comes to our ingredients. We only use the best that nature has to offer - taste and quality means everything to us. Always. We spend a lot of time finding new and exciting flavors and we will go to great lengths for new innovative options, but we will never compromise on the good taste. We want our spelt flakes with the right crunch, we have our own recipe for marzipan, and our caramel is made from honey, sugar and butter - that's it. And we know it works.

We raise the bar
We are incredibly happy and proud that professional international taste experts have awarded us several awards for our chocolate bars. We love our chocolate bars no matter what, but you can't help but feel a little heart warmed when your 'children' are praised by others.

In nature we trust
Normally, the sun is one of chocolate's worst enemies – both sunlight and the heat from the rays ruins the chocolate. But at Simply Chocolate in Copenhagen, the two are actually best friends. We got our very own solar cell system on the roof of the factory. This means we are 100% self-sufficient with energy when the sun is shining and thus saves our planet from a lot of C02 emissions. We also have a lot of focus on the packaging when we talk about the environment and recycling, and at Simply Chocolate we are constantly working towards our goal of 100% recyclable packaging. We are on a mission. Imagine edible packaging - that means no waste. We're not quite there yet but we're on our way, and until we reach our goal, we're doing everything we can to make it better and better. This means, among other things, that we have started a collaboration with the organization Plastic Change, which works to reduce plastic waste and find better alternatives. The goal is a world completely free of plastic waste. We are on that journey, for the sake of nature and the planet.