Chocolate Christmas Calendar from Simply Chocolate

Chocolate Christmas Calendars from Simply Chocolate are a must for the sweet Christmas season. Here you get a sweet kick of first-class sustainable chocolate for every day throughout December. Christmas is pure magic and at Simply Chocolate we love it! This year's classic 2022 Christmas calendars with chocolate from Simply Chocolate have 30 doors and come in two colors that will decorate your home. One chocolate Christmas calendar is in an aesthetic shade of mother of pearl and the other version comes this year in a beautiful mint green color. If you can't settle for 30 boxes of small chocolates while December creeps by, we have fortunately provided extraordinary versions of the chocolate Christmas calendar as you know it. Do you go with our chocolate Christmas calendar with 60 pcs. small chocolates, you can ensure a peaceful Christmas if you now already know that you absolutely must share. It can also function as total self-indulgence for the man who has everything and is never satisfied. Our Simply Chocolate megasize chocolate Christmas calendar contains almost 1.5 kilos of mixed Danish luxury chocolate, which makes this the ultimate chocolate Christmas calendar an obvious choice for the family or as a festive feature for the company. The very special sight of the nearly 1.5 meter Christmas calendar is guaranteed to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth. The megasize chocolate Christmas calendar contains both original sizes of our chocolate bars, crispy dragées and even a nice 12 pcs chocolate box with our always sustainable high quality chocolate. Whether you go with a Christmas calendar with chocolate in 30, 60 doors or megasize, one thing is both certain; when you first put out your Simply Chocolate chocolate Christmas calendar, then it might aswell be Christmas.

Simply Chocolate Christmas calendar with chocolate

With this chocolate Christmas calendar you can expect the entire palette of taste experiences, which contains exciting flavors based on fairly produced white chocolate, light chocolate or dark chocolate. As the days of December progress, you will meet our well-known and award-winning palette of flavors, and in between, special guests appear in the form of limited edition chocolates with a hint of orange or date, which immediately brings the mind on Christmas. Some chocolates in your Christmas calendar have a soft inner with tempting combinations of delicious chewy ingredients such as coconut, spelt or marzipan. Other chocolates are solid with crunchy almonds, nuts or caramel - and sometimes you'll encounter a hint of salt, mint or licorice as you count down to Christmas. Common to all the chocolates behind the doors are the completely natural ingredients of the finest quality. Here you will find no E-numbers or artificial colourings, our Danish-produced chocolates are 100% natural and not at least sustainable. With the year's tastiest chocolate Christmas calendar 2022, you have the perfect hostess gift in place, which can be enjoyed with a clear conscience. In fact, our selection contains Christmas calendars for both women, men and everyone in between who appreciates the best of the best. We guarantee that it will arouse excitement when the full-grown Christmas calendars packed with natural quality chocolate arrives on the table. Shop the entire selection of Simply Chocolate Christmas calendars right here in our official webshop, and if you are hungry for more, the shop also serves our complete selection of chocolate bars, small chocolates in bites, natural protein bars and gift boxes with chocolate on a silver platter.