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Natural Protein Bars

News online | 15-pack boxes

Our Strongest Family Members

Rich Arnold, Sixpack Sally, and Speedy Tom are gluten-free and made with the finest natural ingredients, containing 25% protein. We've gone far to avoid artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colorings. We simply believe that real ingredients and natural flavors taste better. Taste the difference and find your new favorite bar.

Caramel, peanuts, and premium dark chocolate.

Rich Arnold

Beneath a thick layer of premium dark chocolate, you'll discover an interior of peanuts, caramel, and sweet dates. Arnold is our bestseller - and we understand why. Enjoy 25% protein without compromising on high quality and great taste.

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Caramel, yuzu, sesame, and premium milk chocolate.

Sixpack Sally

Surrounded by premium milk chocolate, you encounter a filling consisting of caramel crunch, yuzu, and sesame. The combination of the sweet milk chocolate and the aromatic yuzu provides you with a taste experience beyond the ordinary.

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Acai, cocoa, passion fruit, and premium dark chocolate

Speedy Tom

Tom is a sure winner with most. The taste of cocoa, acai, and passion fruit covered with a thick layer of premium dark chocolate will undoubtedly elevate your refined taste for natural protein bars.

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