Rich Arnold

Rich Arnold. Need a personal trainer?

Say hi to Arnold, he will be your number 1 reason for frequent gym visits. “Repeat after me: Stronger is better.”

The 100% natural post workout.

We know that sweet dates taste way better than any artificial sweetener. Therefore, Rich Arnold is a fitness favourite with it’s antioxidants, peanuts, protein, caramel, dates and premium dark chocolate. See you back in the gym tomorrow.

40 g. of protein, oats, peanuts, caramel and dark chocolate 60%

Energy Fibre Fat / of which saturated fat Protein Carbohydrates / of which sugar Salt
1855 kj
443 kcal
1.9 g 18 g / 7 g 25 g 42 g / 31 g 0.23 g