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Cream chocolate Christmas calendar Christmas calendar with premium chocolate

Sale price€49,95

Our most delicious Christmas calendar to date
We dare to promise that this year the countdown to Christmas Eve will be more tasteful than ever before. With our brand new chocolate Christmas calendar decorated with snowflakes and the most beautiful cream colour, you get a unique one taste experience. Look forward to 13 of our enchanting chocolate bites, where you among other meet our brand new family member Cookie Joe as well as the new popular Minty Cindy, Grainy Billy and Creamy Carol. 

24 chocolates is just too much at the bottom...
The Christmas calendar measures almost a meter in length, and as always we have added half days, so you can look forward to as many as 30 chocolates - completely without cheating. Behind the doors, you'll find a mix of premium solid and coated chocolates with flavour combinations offering everything from caramel crunch, salted almonds and Persian licorice to marzipan, peanuts, mint and more.

300g. (30 chocolates)