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F.C. København 12-pack 6 stk. chokoladebarer + 6 stk. proteinbarer

Sale price€24,95

The Double
Bliv klar til kampdag med vores premium FCK chokolade- og proteinbar. I vores blå chokoladebar får du premium mælkechokolade og knasende karamel. Søger du et lidt mere proteinrigt alternativ, så har vi FCK proteinbaren med 22% protein, mandler, passionsfrugt og premium mørk chokolade.

Pakken indeholder 6 stk. af hver variant.

  • Fyldt med naturlige ingredienser
  • Håndlavet i Danmark
  • Prisvindende chokolade

12 x 40g.


It's all natural, always.

Nature is a big part of our DNA. Taste and quality means everything. We are proud to use the best natural ingredients, and we work to ensure that all of our packaging will be natural too. We use no additives, no aromas, no artificial sweeteners. Read more about our love for natural ingredients here.

Handmade with love

Some things never change. Here at our factory, we still handcraft our chocolates. We meticulously weigh each ingredient in small bowls - not too much, not too little. Why? Well, we believe that by having craftsmanship and eyes on the process, we can better strike the right balance between natural ingredients and premium chocolate, instead of just pushing a button on a machine. We are detail-oriented, maybe a bit nerdy. And, in fact, we believe our craftsmanship contributes to creating the simple and natural experience we strive for every day.

Because we care

At Simply®, we are proud to be part of the NGO: The Cocoa Horizons Foundation. An organization working passionately and purposefully to improve the lives of local communities in the cocoa industry. As a chocolate manufacturer, we consider it an important duty to be aware of our responsibilities and not least to act accordingly. But for us it is much more than a duty. We feel 100% convinced that the taste of good conscience is the best of all flavors. We find it natural to produce chocolate with responsibility for both people and nature. We actually think you can taste it.

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